Monday October 02, 2023

Eid sales annoy both traders and customers

April 22, 2023

With Eid just nearing, people have already begun their shopping for the upcoming festival. Several markets and shopping malls in Rawalpindi city experienced a decline in sales although customers rushed in to purchase clothes, shoes, ornaments, and other items.

“People are coming with friends and families to pick up dresses, putting smiles on our faces. However, we are not pleased with the sale of Eid clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and other goods. We can only hope that the sales might increase as the Eid day nears,” says Sakhawat Ali, a shopkeeper at Satellite Town Commercial Market.

“Eid shoppers are flocking to different business hubs like Raja Bazaar, Sadar Market, Kamran Market, Asghar Mall, New Madina Market, National Market, Sixth Road, New Katarian, China Market, etc.,” says Jameel Hussain, a shopper at Murree Road.

“During the day, the influx of shoppers intensifies before Iftar time. Crowds of men with family members are seen flocking to the markets and shopping malls across the city even after Taraveeh prayer,” says Nadeem Abbas. Safdar Hasan, manager at a shopping complex, says, “We have been receiving a high volume of visitors so far. We experienced a rush of customers in the first two weeks of Ramadan. However, the number of buyers fell in the next few days perhaps because of high prices. However, the number of customers has risen again, and we think that this surge will persist until Eid,” adds Safdar.

“Affluent people are purchasing items of their own choice with huge enthusiasm despite the significant rise in prices of all kinds of clothes compared to a previous couple of years. In addition, low-income people are crowding in various footpath shops and small shops as prices here are a little bit lower than the big shopping malls,” says Bashir Haider.

“With the eye-catching color and design of the wears, a large number of people irrespective of age and sex especially adolescents, are humming towards the showrooms to complete the last moment’s collection of their best choice,” says Noreen Batool.

“Fabrics, woven and designed by local artisans, are in huge demand in the Eid markets, with the affluent people rushing to the city showrooms every day. The movement of the shoppers has created huge traffic congestion in the major shopping areas,” says Abid Ali.