Monday December 04, 2023

Starved of gas

April 02, 2023

The country’s natural gas scarcity has resulted in gas loadshedding. Pakistan is highly reliant on natural gas for energy, and with rising demand and insufficient supply, loadshedding has become a daily occurrence in many areas of the nation. This scenario worsens during Ramazan when people use more gas for cooking and other reasons. To prevent disturbances during Iftar and Sehri, families must modify their cooking routines and prepare meals ahead of time. This can be particularly difficult for families who cannot afford alternative energy sources such as LPG. Furthermore, restaurants, bakeries and other food-related companies depend on gas for heating, and gas scarcity can cause delays and company losses. This can be especially devastating for small companies that run on a shoestring budget and rely on revenue produced during Ramazan.

The underlying cause of the scarcity is a dearth of investment in the natural gas industry, as well as a poor use of available resources. The government must start some projects to boost natural gas production and supply.

Muzamil Ahmad