Saturday June 03, 2023

PTF violates own constitution, national sports policy: Asif Dar

By Our Correspondent
March 29, 2023

KARACHI: Former secretary Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Asif Dar has said that the current management of PTF is violating both the federation’s own constitution and the national sports policy of Pakistan.

“The current office bearers of PTF were first elected unopposed on December 12, 2014. And they got re-elected on November 24, 2018 for four years. “Their tenure ended on November 24, 2022, but they are still clinging to their seats due to some political backing,” said Asif while talking to ‘The News’.

He added that this is a clear violation of the article 18(6) of the PTF constitution. The national sports policy of Pakistan 2005 also prevents office bearers from holding offices after two terms.

Besides, he added, it is mandatory as per the federation’s constitution to hold Annual General Meetings every year to discuss PTF performance and accounts but the current management did not call AGM in 2022.

“It is sad to see that even after giving worst performance of Pakistan’s tennis history against minnows Lithuania in the recently held Davis Cup tie the current management still holds the office,” said Asif.

“On what basis are they holding the office because instead of promoting tennis they are promoting nepotism and joyriding at the expense of precious foreign exchange.

“In 2016 Davis cup tie, Pakistan was routed 5-0 by New Zealand. There was a serious case of nepotism when Canada-born Asad Nawazish was inducted in the team from backdoor. “He was stopped from playing by the referee as he was not a valid Pakistani passport holder. There are several other incidents of nepotism on record,” said Asif.