Friday December 08, 2023

IGP seeks details of available police manpower and resources for census duties

February 05, 2023

Sindh’s police chief has sought area-wise details from DIGs and SSPs across the province, including their available manpower and resources, after the federal government announced a few days ago that a census will be held in Sindh next month on the provincial government’s request.

Officials said that despite having limited manpower and resources, the Sindh police had successfully managed the local government elections throughout the province. However, they added, the government has now given the Sindh police a much bigger responsibility of providing security during the census, for which much funds and manpower are needed.

They said that apart from manpower, the major issue is providing security to the census staff because they will be going door to door, and there are some areas in Karachi that have security issues.

Considering this situation, IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon has sought the overall details from the range DIGs of Karachi and interior Sindh as well as from all the SSPs in the province so that a comprehensive strategy can be developed.

He will also write to the government to provide funds to be used for the upcoming census. Moreover, all the units of the Sindh police have been directed to finalise their respective security plans.

Sources said that since the announcement of conducting a census in Sindh, police high-ups have been holding a series of meetings with their subordinates and the officials related to the census process.

They said the meetings have been holding detailed discussions on security issues and police deployment, especially in the highly sensitive districts, deciding to call more force from interior Sindh.

They added that the meetings have also decided using the forces from other units of the Karachi police and the Sindh Reserve Police, and these personnel will be moved to the interior for the census there.

The sources said that after finalising the security plan, the Sindh police will submit a proposal to the provincial government for the funds to be used for security duties, which includes food and accommodation expenses of the officials coming from the interior.

They also said that there are some areas or districts that lie in highly sensitive localities, including Karachi’s District West, which is thought to be the most sensitive district of the city, so it will be a challenge to conduct the census there.

In this regard, an effective security proposal is requested from the officials there and other districts so that the process can be conducted in a peaceful manner, they added.

A detailed report will also be sought from the Special Branch of the Sindh police, which will include a complete survey of the districts in the province, including the presence of threats there.

Officials said IGP Memon has planned to hold a meeting with his subordinates regarding the census in which he will inform them about the security measures that need to be adopted.

They said the security measures will include the distribution of districts into blocks, adding that for security they have constructed five layers of security that consist of officials from the Sindh police and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

They also said that in highly sensitive zones, two policemen and two other LEA guards will be deployed with the civil enumerators, and in normal zones, the staff will be secured by one policeman and one other LEA guard.

Moreover, to ensure the availability of all the posted strength for the census, all SHOs will be directed to ensure all arrangements for collecting additional force from various districts and units, and their transport. SDPOs will supervise, ensure compliance and coordinate with the focal person of the SP office of their respective divisions.

All the staff of the SP office will remain present in proper uniform as reserve platoon of SPs of divisions. Furthermore, all the office staff of SDPOs and SHOs will also perform census duty. All SHOs have been directed to take strict legal action against those found involved in suspicious activities.

The officials said that according to the IGP’s security plan, all officials, especially SHOs, will be directed to take action against illegal Afghans and other foreigners to implement the security plan in the real sense, with the order to take action under the temporary residents ordinance to implement the security order.