Monday March 20, 2023

Hike in petrol price condemned

January 31, 2023

Islamabad:President of Islamabad Real Estate Agents Association Atif Jameel Butt has said that realtors across the country reject the recent unjustified increase in petroleum products by the government, says a press release.

The increase will have a further negative impact on the already damaged country’s economy and will make the construction more expensive. In one of his statements, Atif Jameel Butt further said that the recent increase of Rs35 in petroleum products by the government is like a joke with the people who have been crushed by the inflation mill, which the Real Estate Agents Association completely rejects. Because this will lead to an increase in everything, including construction materials, which will affect the real estate sector the most.

And this will have a very bad and negative impact not only on the general public but also on all sectors including the real estate industry. The govt should provide relief to the people suffering from inflation and not increase their sufferings. He demanded

the govt to withdraw the notification of increase in pet­roleum products, otherwise the realtors across the country will protest.