Thursday February 02, 2023

Call to stop coercive steps against furnaces installed in steel sector

By Our Correspondent
December 08, 2022

LAHORE:Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has urged the Environment Department to immediately stop coercive measures against furnaces installed in steel sector until standardised scrubbers are finalised.

President LCCI Kashif Anwar while speaking to a delegation of All-Pakistan Small Steel Re-Rolling Association said that it is encouraging to know that the SIDB is planning to provide loan of up to 10 million to five sectors for the installation of scrubbers.

Before taking action against any business, Kashif said the process to determine the standardised scrubbers should be finalised. Till the process is underway, he emphasised, shutting down factories should be stopped. He added that the industry especially steel re-rollers, which are already on the verge of closure, are suffering enormous financial losses.

He said the Industries, Commerce Investment & Skills Development Department has constituted a committee consisting of representatives of Govt, Lahore Chamber and members from academia to discuss the criteria of financial and technical assistance to industries for the installation of Emission Control System.

LCCI President also encouraged the business associations to coordinate the switch of furnaces and scrubbers. He also requested that the relevant associations to inform their members to ensure compliance in order to prevent an EPD complaint. Additionally, Kashif requested other government agencies to hold an awareness-raising event at LCCI regarding environmental and other issues.