Tuesday November 28, 2023

Pakistan asks Kenya for key information to assist Arshad Sharif murder inquiry

November 07, 2022
Slain Pakistani journalish Arshad Sharif. — AFP/File
Slain Pakistani journalish Arshad Sharif. — AFP/File

NAIROBI, KENYA: Pakistan has called on the Kenyan authorities to share information about the telephone calls history of Waqar Ahmed, his wife Morin Waqar and Khurram Ahmad to assist the murder inquiry of slain journalist Arshad Sharif.

Republic of Kenya’s National Police Service has confirmed to Geo News that it received a letter from the Pakistan government, asking for help in several areas to assist the murder inquiry of Arshad Sharif, who was killed here on 23rd October by General Service Unit (GSU) armed officers.

The Pakistan govt has called on the Kenyan National Police Services to provide its finding in Arshad Sharif’s killing case, including the initial report of the incident, names and contact details of instructors and trainers who were getting training at AmmoDump Training Camp at the time of the shooting, the site owned and operated by Waqar Ahmed, his wife Morin Waqar and Khurram Ahmed over a large part of hilly land in a deserted area.

Pakistani investigators have called on the Kenyan police to share name, rank and contact details of police officers involved in the shooting incident, call details date of all caused officers, Geo-fencing report at crime scene, ballistic report related to incident, any record related to movement of officers from GSU headquarters to shooting incident, crime scene sketch, initial statement of accused officers and call details of the witnesses Waqar Ahmed, his wife Morin Waqar and Khurram Ahmad.

Pakistani investigators Muhammad Athar Waheed, Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and Omar Shahid Hamid, Deputy Director General, Intelligence Bureau (IB), have returned to Pakistan after completing the investigation in Nairobi and outside for one week. A military officer appointed in Africa was also present during their meetings with the Kenyan authorities. During their stay in Nairobi, the Pakistani team met with Kenyan police officers, intelligence officers and several government functionaries. They also visited Arshad Sharif’s killing spot as well as the shooting range – AmmoDump – owned by Ahmed brothers from Karachi. Waqar Ahmed has told the investigators from Pakistan and Kenya that Karachi Kings CEO Tariq Wasi asked him to send a sponsorship letter to Arshad Sharif.

Investigators looking into the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif have also asked brothers Waqar Ahmed and Khurram Ahmed to provide CCTV footage of the apartment in Nairobi where Arshad stayed and the training site out of Nairobi where Arshad Sharif was last seen alive before his killing.

Pakistan authorities have asked both brothers to share the CCTV footage of the penthouse apartment where Arshad lived as their guest for two months and 3 days, list of names and contact details of instructors and treaters who were present at their training site, Ammodump, at the time of the killing of Arshad Sharif, details of which organisations the trainers and instructors belong to, list of names and contact details of all staff employed by them at their training site, list of individuals who met with Arshad Sharif during his stay at their premises, name and contact details of individuals who asked them to sponsor Sharif’s invitation letter, clarification about the whereabouts of Sharif’s iPad and cell phones which were last known to be in their possession.

After arriving in the Kenyan capital, Geo News investigation team revealed that the slain journalist Arshad Sharif’s visit visa to Kenya was sponsored and he didn’t get the entry visa on arrival.

The sponsor letter to Sharif to visit Kenya was sent by Nairobi-based property developer Waqar Ahmed, brother of Khurram Ahmed who was driving Arshad Sharif on the fateful night of 23rd of October 2022 when Sharif died in a hail of bullets rained on him by the Kenyan police at a deserted area.