Sunday December 10, 2023

Moot at GIK Institute: Need stressed to strengthen industry-academia linkages

October 21, 2022

SWABI: Speakers at the two-day international conference at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology said on Thursday that there was a dire need to strengthen linkages between the industry and academia to boost the industrial sector contribution which can prove very helpful in strengthening the country’s economy.

The “International Conference on Sustainability in Process Industry (SPI 2022)” was organized by the GIK Institute Chemical Department in collaboration with the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar. The conference started on Wednesday.

Jahangir Paracha, Chief Executive Officer, Engro Chemicals, who was the chief guest on the occasion spoke about the requirements of the industry, the problems confronted by the industrial sector, the responsibility of the government, how an industry is run and the value of the product in the market.

“There is a dire need to create better opportunities and environment for the industry and academic communication while focusing on recycling,” he said.

Tauseef Salma (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, USA said that climate change had changed the entire globe and the developing world badly needed to adopt policies to cope with global warming issues.

“Recently, one-third of Pakistan submerged in floodwater,” she said.

Bianca Mortari of the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dr Imran Khan of Turkey, and Dr Guichao Wang of China lauded the efforts that both national and international experts belonging to academia and industry who gathered here and presented their views to resolve the problems confronted by the world.

Prof Dr Najma Memon of the National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, said the main causes of the global energy crises are: unbridled consumption, population explosion, lack of renewable energy, bureaucratic hurdles, a lack of seriousness of the officials in academic-industry joint efforts to address this burning issue. “Energy is the basic need of the people,” she said.

UET Peshawar Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iftikhar Hussain said the conference provided a golden opportunity for academia and industry to huddle together, learn from each other know each other problems, and work together for result-oriented research according to the requirements of the country’s needs.

“Industry makes 20 per cent contribution to Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product and the majority of the industry lacks financial strength and sustainability. If the government desires that they contribute to the country’s economy, their needs should be fulfilled,” said Prof Iftikhar.

Prof Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Rector, GIK Institute, said the industry and academia can take joint initiatives and research projects while sharing knowledge to boost the industrial sector production and improve quality.

“The conference is a big source of inspiration for the UET and GIK Institute. We could work together. The distinguished researchers and experts from the industry interacted with each other and are able to know each other serious problems,” said Prof Khalid.

Prof Dr Abdul Shakoor of the UET Peshawar said the global demand for energy has been increasing for years and if this issue was not addressed by the governments, it may spin out of control in the future.