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Adrien Brody comes in support of his latest film 'Blonde'

Blonde is now streaming on Netflix

By Web Desk
September 30, 2022

Adrien Brody has come forward in support of his movie, Netflix's Blonde, from backlash shared by viewers and critics alike for how Marilyn Monroe is portrayed in the project.

While in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter for an interview conducted during the film's Venice Film Festival premiere and later published Thursday, the actor, 49, spoke about his newest release, describing the film as one that is "supposed to be a traumatic experience."

Noting how Blonde and the 2000 novel of the same name that it is based on are "both rife with themes of exploitation and trauma," Brody told the outlet, "Marilyn's life, unfortunately, was full of that."

"I think that since [the film is] told in this first-person perspective, it works somehow for the film to be a traumatic experience, because you're inside of her — her journey and her longings and her isolation — amidst all of this adulation," he added. "It's brave, and it takes a while to digest. And I think it's in conflict with what the public's perception of her life is."

The Oscar winner also praised Dominik, 54, in his conversation with the THR, stating, "I think Andrew is a beautifully brave director, and he's someone I've longed to work with for many years. And I love what he's done.”

Later expressing praise for star Ana de Armas, who plays Monroe, Brody — who stars as Monroe's third husband, Arthur Miller — added: "Ana's work here is just brilliant."

Blonde is now streaming on Netflix.