Monday September 25, 2023

'The Voice': Camila Cabello gets 'awkward' on The Voice stage for THIS reason

They announced their breakup last November

By Web Desk
September 28, 2022

Camila Cabello experienced an awkward situation during The Voice Tuesday's episode and since then fans cannot stop talking about them.

The 25-year-old new coach appeared startled when she recognized that Tanner Hower 29, of Huntington Beach, California, was performing the 2016 hit song, Mercy by Shawn, 24.

'Is that my ... Is that Shawn up there?' asked Camila who couldn't see Tanner during his Blind Auditions performance.

Tanner continued singing and Camila remarked, 'I thought that was Shawn.'

Camila declined to turn around but was the first to congratulate Tanner for being on The Voice.

'I was like, ''Is Shawn on stage right now?'',' Camila admitted.

'Wow, wow. You know him best, so that's awesome,' Tanner said.

'I know him better than everybody in this room. But the reason I didn't turn around was I felt like you sounded a little bit too much like him. Obviously, he has an amazing voice. I love this song,' Camila said.

'But I would be curious, when you pick your coach, for you to just kind of distinguish yourself,' she added.

'I really respect Shawn as an artist and I see myself in that lane, but I totally love what you're saying. Thank you so much. I'll try and be more unique,' Tanner told Camila.

Camila and Shawn started dating in July 2019. They announced their breakup last November.