Tuesday December 06, 2022

Prince Andrew to serve as 'dogwalker' under King Charles

King Charles assigns Prince Andrew new job

By Web Desk
September 27, 2022
Prince Andrew to serve as dogwalker under King Charles

Queen Elizabeth II disgraced son Prince Andrew to serve as "dogwalker" under his elder brother  King Charles, according to reports. 

Royal commentator  Nigel Cawthorne told the Sun newspaper: "I can't see he's got much of a role [in the Royals] aside from Lord High Dogwalker - keeper of the royal corgis." 

Cawthorne added that Andrew will be "lucky" if he keeps hold of his home, The Royal Lodge. Andrew has consistently embarrassed The Firm," he added.

"[Andrew] could end up embarrassing them even more - so instead [Charles] would have to give him some 'hush money'.

"Who would want him? What supermarket or school wants Andrew cutting the ribbon?" 

Prince Andrew  will care for  Queen Elizabeth's two Welsh corgis, instead of passing them down to her son Charles, as the family gifted both dogs to the late monarch last year.

The duke of York  and his family presented the Queen with two puppies during lockdown to help keep her entertained at Windsor while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was in hospital.