Wednesday December 07, 2022

King Charles III’s reign will be backed by ‘quad’ of women

King Charles III's reign to keep 'female side' of the royal family active, claimed an expert

By Web Desk
September 26, 2022

King Charles III’s reign has been facing hardships since the beginning including anti-monarchy protests however the expert claimed that the new monarch will have the support of the ‘quad’ of women.

During his conversation with Express, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said: “In Kate, Princess Anne, Queen Consort Camilla and Sophie Wessex there is a very confident and capable ‘quad’ of women to work with our male Monarch, King Charles III and his male heir, the Prince of Wales, Prince William.

“We are moving from an era where we had the benefit of an extremely loved and very capable female Monarch who was there for almost everybody’s living memory,” Jonathan added.

“So part of that transition will be adapting not just to a new person in the role and a new style, but somebody who's rather a king than a queen,” the expert noted.

“I think that will help have that female side of the family also very active and visible, because I think that's something that we will miss about the Queen but of course the King can't reproduce.

“I think that is hopefully one way in which they'll be able to assist him.”