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Kate Middleton is ‘done trying hard’ with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Kate Middleton's behaviour hints that she's done being overly friendly with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle: Expert

By Web Desk
September 26, 2022

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Kate Middleton’s recent appearances alongside her husband Prince William’s feuding brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have convinced a body language expert that she is ‘done’ trying to be nice to the duo.

Talking about the ‘Fab Four’ walking out to meet mourners soon after Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 8, 2022, expert Judi James told GB News that the new Princess of Wales’ new mantra around Harry and Meghan is being ‘professional’.

“I think Kate has done too many overkill rituals with Harry and, in particular, Meghan, the smiling on Christmas day, ‘we’re best friends’ at Wimbledon, I think now she’s probably accepted that there won’t be a hugely warm relationship there and is probably just being very professional,” said James.

James then went on to compare Kate’s behaviour with Prince Harry and Meghan last year at Prince Philip’s death with her more recent mannerisms.

“… The last time or one of the biggest times that we saw the bothers get together, which was at Philip’s funeral, it was very much Kate behind the scenes, she was choreographing, nudging them, getting them in the same place, both men looked reluctant.”

She then added: “Here though, she kept very much out of the way. She came out of the car, she slammed the car door, she moved away quite quickly. It was William that actually extended his arm and invited Meghan to join in the conversation.”