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Prince Harry ordered to ‘pulp’ his memoir and ‘abandon’ publishing it

A royal expert has asked Prince Harry to ‘pulp and abandon’ his upcoming memoir

By Web Desk
September 23, 2022

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Prince Harry is being asked to ‘pulp and abandon’ his upcoming memoir, which is reportedly getting delayed amid the Queen’s death after it was suggested that it could be published at the end of this year.

The demands came from royal expert Sandro Monetti, who recently told Express UK that Prince Harry should try and mend his rift with the royal family by getting rid of his book.

“My big worry is the Harry book. You don't get an advance as big as that unless there's going to be some negativity in it, that's just the way publishing and the media works,” said Monetti.

He further added: “Harry should pulp all those copies of the book and abandon the project. I know it has been delayed but I don't see how shortly after the death of the Queen and ahead of his father's coronation it helps.”

“But if there's a particular thing that he wants to get off his chest, he can do it. It will be fascinating to watch,” Monetti continued.

He also shared: “Those beautiful pictures of Meghan, Harry, William and Kate together mourning with the others...I hope we aren't looking back at them in the future and thinking 'look how good it was before the book came out'.”