Tuesday September 26, 2023

Kanye West trying to end feud with Kim Kardashian: ‘I apologise’

Kanye West finally apologises to former wife Kim Kardashian in upcoming interview

By Web Desk
September 22, 2022

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Kanye West publically apologised to ex-wife Kim Kardashian for "any  stress" that he may have caused her after their separation. 

The rapper got candid about his relationship with the reality TV star following his rants on custody arrangement with her on social media in the past few weeks.

In the teaser of his interview with Good Morning America, the Praise God singer said “This is the mother of my children.”

“And I apologize for any stress that I have caused,” West sincerely added while putting a hand on his chest.

Ye was then asked, “Social media, do you feel, is that more hurtful, or beneficial to you?” to which he responded, “Oh that’s one of my favorite questions this interview.”

“I mean, we can use a car to rush somebody to the hospital, or we could use a car and accidentally hit somebody while we’re rushing somebody to the hospital. So it’s all in how we use it,” he added.

West has publically talked about his personal issues on Instagram including attacking Kardashian’s former boyfriend Pete Davidson and his problems with Adidas and Gap.