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Kim Kardashian charged miilions for her scandalous tape?

The tape made the Kardashain family to gain notorious recognition

By Web Desk
September 17, 2022
Does Kim Kardashian charged miilions for her scandalous tape?
Does Kim Kardashian charged miilions for her scandalous tape?

Supermodel Kim Kardashian shot to prominence after her 'scandalous tape' came to light with Ray J, which the rapper claimed was leaked by her mother Kris Jenner.

The leaked tape has not only gave 41-year-old socialite stardom but her whole family benefitted from it to get infamous recognition globally.

The One Wish rapper claimed to have made more videos but they are not released yet. The claims are disputed, however, TMZ through detail investigation found out the profits Kardashian family reaped from the r-rated tape.

The eldest Kardashian raked in nearly $1.5 million dollars from the tape. The tabloid has accessed an email sent by Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, the production company which has the copyright for the tape.

In the email, it is revealed that the tape had grossed precisely 1,424,636.63 dollars. The businesswoman made $1,255,578.50 from DVD sales, $126,908.13 from internet sales, $15,000 from licensing sales; and 27,000 euros from the international market.

Interestingly, Kardashian took a deal from the production company and settled the case out of court. However, the video was leaked on March 14 2007 and the message with the numbers was penned on April 23.

Ray J admitted to shared with Kim Kardashian $400,000 plus 12.5 percent of the profits. The company's CEO email confirms these figures as claimed by the rapper. However, the CEO of the production company denied any role of Kris Jenner involvment in orchestating the leak of the tape.