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Prince Andrew return to public life is 'frankly poor judgement': Jeffrey Epstein survivors

Prince Andrew urged to stay away from public duties after Queen death

By Web Desk
September 17, 2022

Prince Andrew reported return to public life has caused a havoc amongst Jeffrey Epstein victims.

The Duke of York, who was close friends with the sex trafficker, allegedly sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre, a teenage American girl back in the days.

Earlier this year, after a sensational humiliation and legal allegations, Andrew paid Ms Giuffre to get out of the civil lawsuit. In between the process, Andrew also lost his military titles and patronages

With the death of the Queen, it is reported that Charles will now make his brother Counsellor of State.

Responding to the rumours, Spencer T Kuvin, lawyer of six Epstein says his clients are "disgusted and appalled" over the decision.

"It’s the epitome of poor judgment and, frankly, an embarrassment to the crown, that [Andrew] would consort with someone like Epstein after all that news would come out," he said.

He added: "You want to honour the memory of a very respectable monarch who served over 70 years – I get the fact that it’s probably not the correct place or time to be yelling something out at a funeral.

"But at the end of the day, you also want to acknowledge the fact that [Andrew] should not be publicly allowed to benefit from society and these organisations, given his past and he should be held accountable by the public."

"The brave women who came forward to hold Epstein, Maxwell and others to account deserve better," she said.

"His past conduct and judgment make clear that he is not worthy of any state-sponsored privileges, including reaping the benefits of being a royal."