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Mourners warned of 'dark clouds' during Queen's funeral

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral will be held on Monday

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September 16, 2022
Mourners warned of dark clouds during Queens funeral
Mourners warned of 'dark clouds' during Queen's funeral

Mourners have been warned of a slightly unfavorable weather conditions during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

According to Daily Mirror, there are going to be cloudy conditions in London as Brits bid a final farewell to the late monarch on Monday, September 19.

However, the expert added that there are chances of the sun breaking through the clouds at Buckingham Palace.

Expert Simon Partridge told the outlet: “Being outside, it will be pretty decent conditions. It won’t be too hot or too cold and the main thing is everybody should stay dry as well.”

“There will be some cloud around but with some bright, sunny spells at times,” he continued.

"It might be a touch cooler than the average for this time of year, so we are looking at 18 or 19 degrees.”

"That's not cold by any stretch but not as warm as you would expect for early September. There is a chance of seeing some sunshine at times," he added.

"It is quite a way off but nearer the time, it may turn out that there is a little less cloud than the models are showing at the moment."