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Prince Harry allowed to wear military suit as royal row erupts ahead of Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry has been allowed to wear his military suit at a special event in respect of Queen Elizabeth

By Web Desk
September 16, 2022

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Prince Harry is now allowed to wear his military uniform during a special royal tribute to his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth on Saturday, September 17, 2022, confirmed Mirror UK.

This comes as it was announced earlier this week that the Duke of Sussex will not be allowed to wear his military uniform at any events leading up to the Queen’s funeral on September 19, 2022, and at the funeral itself, owing to a royal order that allows only working royals to wear their military uniforms.

After a monumental row erupted over the decision and Prince Harry’s rep was forced to issue an official statement, sources close to the royal family have confirmed that he will, in fact, wear his uniform at a special vigil involving the Queen’s grandchildren at Westminster Hall on Saturday.

Talking to Mirror UK, the source confirmed: “Common sense has prevailed. It was a ludicrous situation given the Duke of Sussex has served his country and is a highly respected member of the armed forces with everything he has done for veterans.”

“It is important that the Queen's grandchildren are all made to feel welcome and comfortable as they grieve their beloved grandmother together,” the insider concluded.

All of the Queen’s eight grandchildren, including Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William, and Prince Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, are expected to take part in the 15-minute vigil.