Tuesday November 29, 2022

Prince Harry slammed for 'leaking information' to press

Prince Harry slammed for 'leaking information' to press

By Web Desk
September 15, 2022
Prince Harry slammed for leaking information to press

Prince Harry was accused of leaking information to the press after Omid Scobie reported that he would not be allowed to wear the military uniform at ceremonial events after Queen Elizabeth's death.

Scobie, a journalist and the co-author o af book on Meghan and Harry, called the royal family's decision a huge blow for the Duke of Sussex who served for 10 years and spoke of the Queen as his commander-in-chief.

Royal fans criticized Harry after Scobie spoke for him on social media."Still leaking and whining to the press," wrote a user.

Another said, "Harry left the military. He QUIT.Why would he wear a uniform? He can still wear his medals? Why is this even a bloody subject!The Harry & Meghan’s gripe show is happening once again!"