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Nicola Peltz got upset with Victoria Beckham for stealing her spotlight on wedding day

Nicola Peltz stormed off in the middle of her wedding reception over gushing tribute for Victoria Beckham

By Web Desk
September 02, 2022

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Nicola Peltz reportedly left her own wedding reception after mother-in-law Victoria Beckham  stole her spotlight as she received a gushing tribute from a wedding guest instead of the bride.

The billionaire heiress and the wife of former legendary footballer David Beckham allegedly have a strained relationship ever since Nicola’s wedding with Brooklyn Beckham.

Insiders close to the family claim it all started during the lavish ceremony when a wedding guest at the nuptials and singer, Marc Anthony, gave a speech in honour of Posh Spice.

“It was totally just an ode to Victoria and how awesome she is. Nicola loves to be the center of attention, especially on her wedding day. So this really, really (expletive) her off,” the source told Daily Mail.

“She stormed off in the middle of her wedding reception with [sister] Brittany and her mom, and was crying her eyes out,” the insider added.

However, another source said that even though Nicola was clearly upset during the nuptials, the real reason was not Marc’s speech but the fact that Victoria stole their first dance song.

Nicola and Brooklyn were supposed to dance on their favourite song but reportedly the fashion designer stole the lovely moment for her own mother-son dance.

“Brooklyn and Nicola knew Marc Anthony was close to the Beckhams and would of course be complementary to them in his talk,” the insider dished.

“If Nicola had been concerned about that, her father would not have paid to have Marc Anthony and his band perform,” the source added.

Nicola and Brooklyn tied the knot earlier this year at her father Nelson Peltz's estate in Palm Beach, Florida, in a star studded affair.