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Royal critic blames Prince Harry for using security issues as ‘emotional blackmail’

Prince Harry has struggled to handle the situation after his mother's tragic death in fatal car crash

By Web Desk
September 02, 2022

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Prince Harry demanded strong security arrangements ahead of his and Meghan Markle’s visit to the UK this month, amid his legal rift with the Home Office.

The Duke of Sussex previously said that he does not feel safe bringing his family to the UK without police protection.

Reflecting on this, longtime journalist Mike Parry has claimed the duke uses the ‘security issues’ in the UK as ‘emotional blackmail’ because of what happened to his mother, Princess Diana in the summer of 1997.

Parry, the journalist, who broke the news of Princess of Wales’ shocking death to the world, spoke to’s Kinsey Schofield on the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, who died in a tragic car accident in Paris, France on Aug 31, 1997.

Speaking on an episode of her podcast this week, Schofield asked the author whether he thought the heavy security presence has impacted Harry’s desire for increasing the security for his visit to the UK.

Parry replied, “I think Harry has had to deal with mental turmoil all his life, from the moment he was pictured walking behind his mother’s coffin.”

He added, “I think Harry sometimes uses the security card really as a manipulative pawn on the chess board. I think there is a little bit of emotional blackmail there because of what happened to his mother.”

Parry also noted, “There are still a lot of people on this earth who believe Diana, Princess of Wales was hounded to her death by the paparazzi and it was the pressure of her fame that led to her ultimate demise.”

Harry has also previously pointed the blame at the paparazzi who followed Diana’s car into the Alma tunnel in Paris on the night of the tragic car crash.