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Britney Spears says there’s no way ‘to fix me’: ‘I’ll forever be traumatized by my past life’

Britney Spears pens heartbreaking details in post about her mental health, 'I cry myself to sleep most night…'

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August 24, 2022

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Britney Spears penned her struggles with mental health issues in heartbreaking social media post noting that her past life traumas will haunt her forever.

Taking to Instagram, the Gimme More singer wrote about how people’s lives on social sites seem perfect but the reality is very different, as she believes her own life “is by no means picture perfect.”

The singer was put under the conservatorship in 2008 and finally got her freedom 13 years later in 2021 but by that time under the legal binding has left her “traumatized” for life.

She often shares details of her life under conservatorship and how cruel her family was towards her and how they exploited her throughout those terrible 13 years.

“It’s crazy … social media… everybody’s life seems so perfect and when I post things I think most of the time I’ve been utterly and completely embarrassed of my past…” Spears began in her post.

“And who can forget those documentaries??? So yes, I do try and post me looking my best or what it may seem to be the good life… well the truth is, my spirits are better but I will forever be traumatized by my past experience for life…”

“There is no way to fix me, my emotions and my sensitivity … therapy, all of it!!! I think I will need some sort of miracle for my emotions. My life is by no means picture perfect…” she added.

Spears continued: “I cry myself to sleep most night … I’m insecure as hell … I don’t know how to have good posture unless I’m on camera… and I need to go to a school just to be taught how to freaking walk…”

“I know you say ‘but you are a performer’… well that’s it!!! It’s an act on stage … in real life I have no clue… and I’m working on that!!! I’m so lazy and I’m learning the word ‘MORE’… I’ve never had seconds at the dinner table and I know ESPECIALLY in LA a lot of people starve themselves but it’s weird…”

“I WANT MORE lately… does that make me a bad person??? It’s weird just the other night someone made me the best mac and cheese … I swear I wanted more so bad!!! But I didn’t do it then I thought about it!!! Have I ever had seconds??? It’s called MORE and maybe MORE isn’t so bad … and opening to MORE and the DOOR!!!” she wrote.