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BLACKPINK stands against BTS for MTV Video Music Awards

BLACKPINK gets nominated alongside BTS for MTV's Video Music Awards but fans are not happy about it

By Web Desk
August 21, 2022

MTV's Video Music Awards 2022 nominate BLACKPINK in 'Group of the Year' category, sparking fury amongst netizens. 

On August 20, MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) made the much-anticipated announcement about the nomination of BLACKPINK.

They also revealed other nominations for the same category, including BTS and other international bands.

As the two popular K-Pop groups make it to the same category, fans have highlighted that BLACKPINK has not released any music video since October 2020 which makes them ineligible for this nomination.

For VMAs, the eligibility criteria for any artist to be nominated for an award, requires that their latest music must not be more than a year older.

Since BLACKPINK has been on a break for a year and ten months, ARMYs have called out MTV for violating their own eligibility criteria.

BLACKPINK'S latest music release was its virtual reality show 'The Virtual,' which was released on July 23 this year and got nominated for 'Best Metaverse Performance.'