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Alec Baldwin responds to Donald Trump’s Rust shooting comments

Alec Baldwin speaks on Donald Trump’s statement in new interview

By Web Desk
August 20, 2022

Alec Baldwin admitted he feared for his life after the former US President Donald Trump commented over Rust shooting, saying, “it was on purpose”.

In a recent interview with CNN on Friday via PEOPLE, the Pearl Harbour actor spoke up about Trump’s baseless remarks he made a few weeks after the 64-year-old “fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins” on the movie’s set in October last year.

“The former president of the US said ‘I probably shot her on purpose’. To me, that was the only time I was worried about what was going to happen,” shared the Joker actor.

“A bunch of people were instructed by the former president to go to the Capitol building, and they killed a law enforcement officer. They killed somebody,” Baldwin stated.

He added, “You don’t think I thought to myself, ‘Are some of those people going to come and kill me?’” 

Last year, Trump called Baldwin “a trouble guy” in a podcast interview few days after the shooting incident in November.

Trump was affirmed that Baldwin shot it intentionally.

“Alec is a volatile guy. He’s a nutjob. Maybe he loaded it. There’s something wrong with him, he’s a sick guy,” remarked the former president.

The actor denied the allegations, however, a recent FBI report mentioned that the revolver could not have “fired without the trigger being pulled”.