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‘Soulless’ Prince Harry at the cusp of ‘shattering completely’

Royal experts warn the shattering of Prince Harry’s soul is eminent

By Web Desk
August 19, 2022
‘Soulless’ Prince Harry at the cusp of ‘shattering completely’
‘Soulless’ Prince Harry at the cusp of ‘shattering completely’

Royals fear Prince Harry’s soul is on the cusp of shattering because of childhood trauma.

Royal expert and author Angela Epstein issued this accusation in her latest piece for Express UK.

There, she wrote, “So, when Prince Harry talks about truth, well, given his issues, experience and singular perception, there`s always a chance his version of events might not square with those of others.

As goes the tea towel slogan, just because I'm paranoid, doesn`t mean they`re not out to get me.”

“Not that you can blame the Prince. Ever since he was compelled to fulfil someone else's appalling decision to make Harry, as a grief-stricken 12-year-old walk, behind his mother`s coffin, the shattering of his soul has been palpable.”