Monday September 26, 2022

BTS V under fire for 'misbehaving' with South Korean actress: Report

BTS' V gets accused for misbehaving with a Han Seo Hee who badmouthed the idol openly during a LIVE

By Web Desk
August 12, 2022
BTS V under fire for misbehaving with South Korean actress: Report

BTS singer V was accused of harassment by Han Seo Hee, a South Korean actress already famous for her controversies with K-Pop idols, back in 2018.

The shocking event occurred during a LIVE in which the actress openly badmouthed BTS V while misquoting false scenarios related to the K-Pop idol.

According to Music Mundial, she accused Taehyung of misbehaving with her in a nightclub where they both allegedly met and were, at that time, 19 years old.

Her accusations turned out to be false as proofs indicated that V was in a training session at BigHit Entertainment during that time.

The actress was then charged for defamation and received a sentence of one year and six months in prison.

This case was one of extreme hatred that BTS fans witnessed, and it was also the first severe punishment any BTS hater had received.