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Truth behind Amber Heard's billionaire parties leaked: 'The lucky escape'

Amber Heard’s billionaire parties branded a ‘snake pit’ from source that was ‘lucky enough to escape

By Web Desk
August 12, 2022
Truth behind Amber Heards billionaire parties leaked: The lucky escape
Truth behind Amber Heard's billionaire parties leaked: 'The lucky escape'

Everything that happened during Amber Heard’s secret billionaire parties with wealthy men and women has been brought to light.

The revelations have been made by a close pal of Amber, who was once a regular of the events, but felt “she couldn’t leave if she ever wanted to.”

The source, with the pseudonym Gia, recalled everything in detail to House In Habit.

According to her claims, Amber often invited her to ‘bizarre’ parties where there would be “intimate dynamics between Heard and Musk.”

“the circle they ran with, she compared to a ‘snake pit’” and found that she was “lucky enough to escape.”

The parties sounded “straight out of a Kubrick production” and featured “blindfolded participants” who “met at a designed spot, and were shuttled to a remote location where cell phones were confiscated at the door, and nude women danged from treetops secured by harnesses, with bags over their heads.”

During her first ever party, Gia recalled feeling like “you could not ‘just leave’ if you wanted,” because “you were expected to see it through in its entirety.”