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Prince Harry, William’s feud would've ‘ended’ if Diana was alive: Former bodyguard

Prince Harry and Prince William’s long-running feud would’ve ended early on if Princess Diana was alive

By Web Desk
August 10, 2022

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Prince Harry and Prince William’s long-running royal feud would’ve ended early on if their late mother, Princess Diana, was still alive, her former bodyguard Ken Wharfe recently told Hello magazine.

In an exclusive article for the publication, Wharfe suggested that Princess Diana would’ve helped her two sons, Harry and William, in solving the issues amongst them.

As per Wharfe: “Her (Diana’s) desire was to make things better for people who needed help.”

He then added: “As for the rift between William and Harry; when two siblings fight there's usually a close relative to give advice and Diana would have taken on that role.”

“She would have understood the problems that have been raised and helped her boys solve them, while giving Harry the advice he seems to lack right now,” Wharfe continued.

The former bodyguard went on to suggest: “There's no doubt she would have enjoyed the relationships they have with their wives, and loved spending time with her five grandchildren.”

Wharfe notably worked with the late Diana from 1988 to 1993.