Monday September 26, 2022

Pete Davidson won't remove Kim Kardashian tattoos?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's whirlwind romance may well be over, but it’s never to be forgotten

By Web Desk
August 10, 2022
Pete Davidson wont remove Kim Kardashian tattoos?

Pete Davidson, who has reportedly parted ways with Kim Kardashian after nine-month together, is in questions about Kardashian's tattoos on her body.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship may well be over… but it’s never to be forgotten, thanks to the multiple tattoos the SNL comedian has penned on his body.

In addition to his tattoos that include Kardashian’s kids’ initials, “My girl is a lawyer” and “Jasmine and Aladdin”, in an interview on The Ellen Show in March, Kardashian revealed Davidson has her name permanently “branded” on his chest, meaning it can never be removed.

Fans seem divided on Pete's future move about the tattoos, as some are saying he would continue with them until he finds a new partner. While, few of his fans think he would remove them to fully move on.

Some are saying that’s quite a bold move for a man who is notorious for inking tributes to his partners on his body – and getting them removed or covered up when they split.