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Britney Spears receives criticism for posting same old content on social media

Britney Spears' fans want new content from the Toxic singer but she keeps posting the same videos

By Web Desk
August 03, 2022

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Britney Spears’ fans are not happy after the singer posted yet another dancing video on her social media account.

The Toxic hit-maker's fans were quick to point out that the singer keeps sharing the same dancing videos or her pictures sans clothes.

On Tuesday, the newlywed dropped a video of herself grooving to Gomd in a gorgeous red mini dress and brown shoes on Instagram.

"Same house same (expletive)!!!! Same everything," one user commented while another added, "When do we see the new house and new vids????? Asking for a friend."

“Someone is filming this. Look at the camera movements. Someone is helping her do all of this. So so sad. I just want Britney to be free but this is not it. She doesn’t look well at all,” one fan penned.

Another wrote, “Britney is not free,” as one predicted, “I bet next picture is Britney naked again…”

Previously, Spears sparked backlash on another video of hers in which she modelled an outfit while walking back and forth.

“Oh look another post of your swaying back and forth pulling the front of your pants down...... this has to be #122573 by now,” one fan commented at the time.

"Get help!" another user wrote while a fan chimed in, "Someone help her. It’s all so disturbing #FREEBRITNEY."