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Netizens think BLACKPINK has copied Aespa in 'Ready For Love' MV

According to speculations the concept photos look similar

By Web Desk
July 30, 2022
On left-hand side:Blackpink for Ready For Love, On right-hand side:Aespa for Dreams Come True
On left-hand side:Blackpink for 'Ready For Love', On right-hand side:Aespa for 'Dreams Come True'

Netizens pointed out that Blackpink’s virtual track Ready For Love MV closely resembled to concepts seen in Aespa’s Dreams Come True.

According to ALLKPOP report, on July 29, one netizen posted a series of pictures from Blackpink’s virtual game music video on an online community forum, as well as concept pictures from Aespa’s Dreams Come True. When compared with each other, many styles and elements appeared to overlap.

Netizens think BLACKPINK has copied Aespa in Ready For Love MV

Netizens expressed their shock at the similarities, “Isn't this basically just a copycat of aespa?" "I'm not a fan of either group, but the first images really look identical." Huh...isn't this just the same thing?", "To be honest, the first images are exactly the same.”, “Why are they so similar?", "While watching the CG version of Jennie, I also thought that more than Jennie, it looked more like Karina."

Others disagreed, "But [aespa] copied them first.”, “I think it's aespa copying BLACKPINK","Why would BLACKPINK even copy aespa for? It's a song made for a game, which is why they used similar graphics" ,"I don't think you can say they copied for just having black hair, blonde hair, and short hair. They're such common hairstyles."

Aespa released the concept photos for their winter album in 2021 whereas Blackpink released their MV this year on July 29.

'Who is copying who?’ is left for people to decide or whether it was just a simple coincidence?