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Prince Charles’ reputation ‘tanking’ after Netflix broadcast: ‘Damage can’t be undone’

Experts believe Netflix utterly destroyed Prince Charles’ reputation

By Web Desk
July 27, 2022

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Prince Charles’ reputation currently stands in the depths of destruction, especially in light of Princess Diana’s documentary.

This claim has been made by royal commentator and expert Richard Eden, in his interview with the Royal Beat.

He began by pointing out Netflix's promotional tactic, which managed to ‘drive the narrative home’ against Prince Charles.

He explained, “They broadcast The Crown at the same time as Diana: In Her Own Words, which was a really powerful programme.”

“Netflix promoted the two at the same time,” and “they used this version of her marriage breakdown as a basis for The Crown script."

Bringing his own children into the topic he explained, “People watched it, like my daughter's generation, [and] were just horrified.”

“They were like, 'oh Prince Charles is [a] dreadful man isn't he' and it really did damage [his reputation].”

“You know, courtiers and friends of Prince Charles talked about how much damage it was doing to the monarchy,” he also revealed.

The expert even referenced, Speaking of Diana, In Her Own Words and explained, “It was recordings that Diana had made, never dreaming they'd ever be made public but they were. They, kind of, had her voice, very spookily, over images of her.”