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Kep1er Confirms Debut in Japan

Kep1er announce their official debut in Japan

By Web Desk
July 22, 2022
Kep1er Confirms Debut in Japan
Kep1er Confirms Debut in Japan

Kep1er will be making its official debut in Japan, agencies Wake One and Swing Entertainment announced Thursday.

Kep1er announced the release of their 1st Japanese single album Fly-Up, coming up on September 7. Fly-Up is a single album that shows off Kep1er’s energy and charm.

This will mark Kep1er's debut in Japan approximately 9 months after their debut in Korea with their 1st mini album, First Impact, and title track WA DA DA.

The single album will be available in 4 editions including first press limited edition A, first press limited edition B, a standard edition, and a Keplian limited edition.

It contains the title track Wing Wing and the Japanese versions of the two previously released songs WA DA DA and Up!

There’s an original Japanese track called ‘Daisy’ as well as a brand new version of the Korean track Over and Over and Over (O.O.O).

Meanwhile, Kep1er made its debut with the album First Impact in January 2022. Their first day sales for this album exceeded 200,000 copies, announcing the emergence of a new monster rookie.