Tuesday August 16, 2022

Prince Harry claims he was ‘unaware' of Royal Firm's involvement in security ban

Prince Harry has claimed that he was unaware of the Royal Household's involvement in taking his UK security away

By Web Desk
July 07, 2022

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Prince Harry claimed in court on Thursday, July 7, that he was unaware that some members of the Queen’s Royal Household had a direct involvement in the Home Office’s decision to take his UK security away.

According to Express UK, Prince Harry’s legal team was due to appear in court on July 7 to know whether his lawsuit against the UK Government over a security row can go ahead; the Duke lodged the complaint against the Home Office after being denied personal protective security while in the UK.

The decision to strip Harry’s state security in the UK came from the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec), and as per his lawyer Shaheed Fatima, he was unaware that the Royal Household was involved in Ravec’s decision making.

The Duke of Sussex, therefore, has now argued that his sour relations with the Queen’s secretary, Sir Edward Young, could’ve influenced the committee’s decision.

As per Fatima: “Harry didn't know at that stage that the Royal Household was involved at all ... he was told it was an independent decision.”

She further argued that Prince Harry “was not given a clear and full explanation" of who was involved in Ravec’s decision-making.

Fatima also said that Harry was not allowed to communicate directly to Ravec, and that he was materially prejudiced because among other things, his offer to pay (for security) was not conveyed to Ravec before the decision was made.”

“He does not know what else - as communicated by him to the Royal Household - was not fully/timeously conveyed to Ravec… It is arguable that, if there had been a fair process, Ravec would or could have reached a different decision,” Fatima further told court.