Thursday August 18, 2022

Princess Charlene warms hearts in first solo outing since mystery illness: Details

Princess Charlene stepped out for a royal engagement this week, her first solo outing since a prolonged mystery illness

By Web Desk
July 07, 2022

Princess Charlene of Monaco stepped out for a royal engagement at a maternity ward earlier this week, her first solo outing since recovering from a prolonged mystery illness that left her in and out of treatment centres for much of last year.

According to Express UK, Charlene paid a special visit to the maternity ward at the Princess Grace Hospital Center where she met with new parents and their newborn babies; the princess herself delivered her twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, at the same hospital.

The outing comes just weeks after Charlene last stepped out for a royal engagement with her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco; that appearance was soon after the former Olympic swimmer’s COVID diagnosis.

In late November 2021, a source close to the Palace told AFP that Princess Charlene was receiving specialised treatment for extreme fatigue at a confidential location outside the principality.

Charlene also needed surgery in South Africa earlier in 2021 after collapsing as the result of complications stemming from an ear, nose and throat infection.