Tuesday August 09, 2022

Palace reduces Queen’s workload in post-Jubilee update

Queen’s 'official duties' have been edited in the palace’s annual report for the first time in ten years

By Web Desk
July 03, 2022


Queen Elizabeth II now has a lighter workload as Buckingham Palace has removed several duties from the Monarch’s post-Jubilee schedule.

According to reports, the Queen’s “official duties” have been edited in the palace’s annual report for the first time in ten years.

Duties mentioned ‘must fulfil’ in the schedule have been removed in the new version of the annual review, published after the Platinum Jubilee.

Duties such as the opening of Parliament that were considered necessary by “constitutional convention”, are no longer a part of Her Majesty’s schedule.

As reported by Daily Mail, a palace source said that the rescheduling “was not a 'drastic' change, but a small post-Jubilee update.”

As per the revised report, the Queen will focus on the “support expected to be provided on the wider Royal family” while she performs her specific roles.

The Sovereign Grant report signed off by Sir Michael Stevens, shows that the Queen will continue to perform two keep duties - Head of State and Head of Nation.

As per the amendments, Queen will be performing a more generalised role including inspiring 'unity and national identity' and 'continuity and stability', recognising the 'achievement and success' of others.

Her majesty will also be responsible for ensuring 'support of service' from volunteers to the emergency services and the military.