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Princess Diana saddened as 'curtain has come down' between Harry and Charles

Princess Diana wanted Prince Harry to take her revenge from Prince Charles and other royals

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June 21, 2022
Princess Diana saddened as curtain has come down between Harry and Charles
Princess Diana saddened as 'curtain has come down' between Harry and Charles

Prince Harry and Prince Charles rift must have broken Princess Diana's heart, says expert.

The Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle flew back to UK after 2 years of quitting as senior royals in 2020, only to find out that Charles has moved on with his life.

Although the duo met father on June 3, it is reported that there was no 'real breakthrough in between estranged royals.

Speaking on the podcast Royally Us, expert Christopher Andersen said: "Well, I understand that it was a perfunctory meeting and that there was no real breakthrough.

"And I have a feeling that Prince Harry definitely went there hoping for some sort of rapprochement, but there were no touchy-feely vibes coming back in his direction.

"So I think the curtain has come down."

He said: "And one of the things I think is so sad about this is Diana, were she alive today, would be heartbroken by this.

"She would have understood why Harry would have wanted to make his own life and wanted to go to California. But she always saw Harry as, you know, as William's wingman.

"She always said, 'My boys are my revenge.' And what she meant by that was that, as a team, they would go on and carry the monarchy forward into a more modern era.

"But now it just looks like it’s going to be William and Kate, and their kids."