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Prince Harry should start with 'apology' to 'mend' relationship with royals

Prince Harry asked to apologise from family after constant trashing

By Web Desk
June 16, 2022
Prince Harry should start with apology to mend relationship with royals
Prince Harry should start with 'apology' to 'mend' relationship with royals

Prince Harry might have to put in extra efforts to earn brownie points with the royal family.

After a public snub from the royals during Queen Thanksgiving Service, Harry and Meghan moved down to 'second row royals' sitting next to Prince Andrew's daughters.

To rectify his mistakes, royal watcher Kat pointed out Harry should "start with an apology".

Speaking to Us Weekly's Royally Us, Kat said: "If Harry was looking to mend fences, then he should have started with an apology. He has trashed them."

Host Christina Garibaldi added: "It seems like a lot of people were on the royals side to all this."

Co-host Christine Ross noted: "Even though we barely saw Harry and they really didn't do much during the Jubilee, they were still so much a part of the conversation."

However, royal author Angela Levin revealed that it is Harry who feels he needs an apology.

She told The Sun: "I think he would have been very, very upset that he was largely ignored.

"He still feels he's owed an apology.

"But he's the one who should apologise. He said during the Oprah interview that Charles and William were trapped, he said he'd been cut off by his father.

"You can't just go around being rude about people and expecting them to open their hearts to you again."