Tuesday May 30, 2023

Caitlyn Jenner dubs Kanye West 'complicated guy': 'He was very difficult to live with'

Caitlyn Jenner says, 'Kimberly has been through a lot with the guys she’s been with, especially Kanye'

By Web Desk
May 25, 2022

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Caitlyn Jenner slammed Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West as she said that he is a “difficult” man to live with.

In an interview with The Pivot podcast, the I Am Cait alum praised Kim’s current boyfriend Pete Davidson as she pointed out that Kanye is a “complicated” person even though he supported her when she transitioned.

The Olympic gold medalist said, “Actually, I’m really into Pete right now with Kim. We have a comedian in the family. Yay! We don’t need more rappers. We need a comedian in the family.”

“They came over the other day, because I told Kim, ‘I haven't even met him yet.’ So she brought him over and we spent a couple hours here at the house together,” she said on the show. “And very different than what she would normally date.”

Caitlyn further talked about how hard it was for her former step daughter to be in a relationship with Kanye, adding, “Kimberly has been through a lot with the guys she’s been with, especially Kanye.”

“Very complicated guy,” she noted. “I really liked Kanye, I got along with him so well. The two of us did great together. And, through even when I transitioned, he was so on my side. Loving it. But he was very difficult to live with.”

“Pete is 180 degrees in the other direction. First of all, he treats her so well, and when they were over here, Kim (was) so happy, and Kim deserves to be happy,” Caitlyn concluded.