Saturday June 25, 2022

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey goes on first holiday, calls it ‘bittersweet’

Kelsey Parker earlier paid a subtle tribute to her soulmate, Tom Parker with a hairpin at his funeral

By Web Desk
May 21, 2022

Tom Parker's widow Kelsey has disclosed that she is on her first holiday after The Wanted star’s death.

The grieving wife of the late Tom star took to Instagram to say she was attending a pal's wedding, and called it "bittersweet".

Her husband Tom, sadly died aged 33 from brain cancer in March, leaving behind Kelsey and their two kids.

Last night the mother- of- two, 32 revealed she had headed to Ireland to attend her best friend's wedding, but knew she was going to find the weekend "hard" - especially because Tom was meant to be an usher.

Taking to Instagram she posted a clip of herself talking to the camera, where she said: "Hey guys, so I've just got to Ireland today.

"I've come to Ireland for my best friend's wedding Ruth Ann and Ollie's wedding.

"Yep it's gonna be a really weird weekend for me, obviously it's gonna be a bittersweet.

"Because obviously Ruth and Ollie are getting married, and I'm super happy for them, but Tom was meant to be here this weekend, he was meant to be an usher.

"It's gonna be the first event, wedding, that I've actually been to, without him. being with me.

"So yeah, this weekend is going to be a tough one."