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Britney Spears reveals why she wants to write her memoir

Britney Spears pens long note about how conservatorship made her question God

By Web Desk
May 20, 2022
Britney Spears reveals why she wants to write her memoir

Britney Spears wrote a long note to share that she wants to write her memoir in hopes that people would understand her story as she talked about how her conservatorship made her question her faith in God.

Taking to Instagram, the Toxic hit-maker said that nobody should go through the circumstances that she did as she praised people for their bravery who have experienced similar situations and they talk about it openly.

Spears wrote, “I've been playing the field... the business...the industry my whole life... that was of my own making... was it in God's hands or mine??? Or was it because I was close to God and he guided me??? God knows I haven't been perfect, but I do know this... the consequences that were taken over me for never committing a crime a day in my life made me question God!!!”

“It wasn't just the torture it was the embarrassment of it all... I've made a point to capture my experience through a book I am writing... It's all written on pages that people will hold with their own two hands... and hopefully have a better understanding... we all know something we read isn't the same as your spirit experiencing those circumstances, but I do feel like some people will be touched...”

Talking about her traumatic conservatorship, she added, “I will say that bothered me the most was the extent of isolation I was in for 4 months... I used to love being alone, but it was my choice!!! My choice to go in deeper and hear the whispers of the spirit... the type of isolation that was forced on me was torture on all levels...”

The singer went on to say that even though she respects those who went through the same circumstances and choose to talk about it publically, she does not want to be questioned about her experiences from anyone, saying, “I don't want to ever talk about it ever again... I feel like I would entertain the very people who hurt me...”

“My spirit feels lighter and I genuinely laugh and smile now and my eyes are hungry for more each day,” Spears shared. “I want to share my story for one reason and one reason only... to let people know you’re not alone and trust me I KNOW if you’re going through something and you feel so distant from everything.”