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Johnny Depp’s former agent dishes on actor's 'fundamental issues with anger'

Johnny Depp’s former agent Tracey Jacobs was testified on Thursday

By Web Desk
May 19, 2022


Johnny Depp’s former agent Tracey Jacobs shed light on the actor's anger  and drug issues on movie set during her testimony on Thursday.

Jacobs  claimed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star of romanticized drugs as the agent shed light on the actor's unprofessional behaviour.

Jacobs, who has previously worked with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and others, testified in court that Depp’s unprofessionalism made the film industry “reluctant to use him”.

Jacobs claimed that the star would “show up late to projects”.

“Initially crews loved him because he was always so great with the crew but crews don’t love sitting around for hours and hours for the star to show up,” Jacobs told the court.

“People talked – and it made people reluctant to use him.”

Jacobs also accused Depp had "fundamental issues with anger" that "worsened over time", and the actor lacked "patience when he didn't get his needs met".

The talent agent also admitted witnessing Depp using an earpiece to help deliver lines on sets which became a “regular thing.”