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Amber Heard brands Johnny Depp ‘an awful thing’: ‘Had an alter ego’

Amber Heard takes to the stand with explosive allegations about Johnny Depp’s alter ego

By Web Desk
May 19, 2022

Amber Heard’s latest allegations on the stand have sent chills down the backs of her fan base.

The Aquaman actor made all these allegations while talking to the Jury at the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom.

There she explained how “the love of my life” would oftentimes become “this awful thing” that made it impossible to see “the Johnny I loved.”

The actor started by admitting, “When it was good, it was so good. I'd never felt love like that. I felt like he recognised me and I recognised him.”

However, almost as if at the drop of a hat Depp would allegedly “become this other thing.”

“This other thing was awful,” she added to the judge and jury before concluding. “It would come out and take over and you couldn't see the Johnny I loved.”