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Meghan Markle branded 'naive' for not knowing how Netflix '£100m' deal works

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must understand content is important, says expert

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May 12, 2022
Meghan Markle branded naive for not knowing how Netflix £100m deal works
Meghan Markle branded 'naive' for not knowing how Netflix '£100m' deal works

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not have the required understanding of how Netflix budgets work, says TV expert.

The insider told The Sun: "Executives feel that in some aspects Harry and Meghan appeared to be naive about how their deal would work.

"Certainly there was a belief that they thought that Pearl would simply be presented and released. The word was that they were saddened the show was not picked up.

"But of course people forget that each project faces vetting and the business has the right to veto projects, delete scenes and oversee editorial direction in their work.

"Some forget that Netflix is a business, so the commissioning executives and legal team have to act in the best interests of the brand.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix in 2020 for content production. Recently, one of their animated series in line titled Pear, have been slated by the streaming giant.

"Just because they are royalty, they are not treated any different to others in the arena of programme commissioning.

"Sure getting in the door for meetings may be easier than for most others, but Netflix still hold projects to account on what they feel is good value for money or be of interest to audiences.

"The deal may be millions on paper, but they are absolutely not allowed to make whatever they want."

A Los Angeles based TV and film consultant told the publication that the "£100m deal figure" is a "not quite the whole picture."

She added: "On the surface this large sum seems enormous, but the truth is that their deal is all about budgets when shows get commissioned.

"Sure they may have a couple of million in an advanced development deal to produce ideas, concepts and film pilots, but they have not been handed one hundred million.

"In reality those sums would be handed over to cover the entire production cost of the project, with Archewell providing a breakdown on fees for all aspects of the making of the show. Included in that would be a broad understanding of the profits too for the company.

"Some deals see companies achieve as much as 20 percent of that total, while others can earn half that figure. ..every deal is different.

"But fees for writers or executive producers, like the Duke and Duchess, are often specific amounts outlined in production budgets."