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Princess Charlene of Monaco: Bombshell claims about relationship with Prince Albert

Princess Charlene is reportedly being paid a hefty sum to continue to appear beside her husband Albert

By Web Desk
May 11, 2022

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Princess Charlene of Monaco is back to her kingdom after a prolonged illness but it seems as though a new scandal is brewing for her and husband Prince Albert of Monaco.

According to The Daily Mail, Princess Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer, is being paid a hefty sum to continue to appear beside her husband Albert at royal engagements after returning to the kingdom in March after months of prolonged treatment for an ENT illness.

While Prince Albert maintained that his and Charlene’s relationship was not in trouble when the princess disappeared from public view last year, it now seems that there might actually be trouble in paradise after all.

Several French outlets report that Albert is paying Charlene upwards of $12 million annually to keep up with her royal appearances and duties.

An insider also commented: “The Princess enjoys huge perks, but ready cash is not guaranteed. She's been through a very difficult time, so it would make sense for Charlene to try and secure her own guaranteed income.”

This comes just weeks after Princess Charlene attended the Formula E World Championship in Monaco alongside Prince Albert and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.