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Prince Andrew ‘clinging to everything he has’ before Prince Charles becomes King

Experts believe Prince Andrew is ‘desperately clinging to’ things he has left before Prince Charles takes the throne

By Web Desk
April 29, 2022

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Royal experts shed some light on Prince Andrew’s apparent desperation to hold onto everything he has left before Prince Charles takes the throne.

This claim has been made by royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, in her interview with Express UK.

She was quoted saying, “A part of me wonders if he [Andrew] knows that Prince Charles is going to ascend to the throne within the next few years, and he knows that once that happens, he is completely out of the fold. So he’s trying to just hold on to what time he has left.”

“I feel like he knows that once Charles becomes king, in no way, shape or form, is he going to be included, so he has got to kick and scream his way into being involved in whatever he can while his mother is still alive to have sympathy for him.”