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Molly Shannon accuses late Gary Coleman for sexual harassment

Molly Shannon speaks out on a recent show and also adds this episode in her memoir 'Hello Molly'

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April 16, 2022
Molly Shannon accuses late Gary Coleman sexually harassed her
Molly Shannon accuses late Gary Coleman sexually harassed her

Molly Shannon has recently revealed that she was sexually harassed by late Gary Coleman in her early career days.

According to People, Shannon appeared in a chat show The Howards Stern Show on Tuesday where she spoke about the harrowing incident about  meeting Coleman. The same moment  the Saturday Night Live veteran also recalled in her new memoir Hello Molly.

The 57-year-old told the host that she signed with Different Strokes star’s agent and was offered the chance to meet him at his penthouse hotel room.

While being alone with Coleman, Shannon felt discomfort because of his subtle indecent gestures and later he became aggressive.

“He was relentless and he was like trying to kiss me and I was like No, Gary, Stop. No,” she recalled.

Shannon alleged that he attempted several times and last time when he tried to hold her, she threw him off and locked myself in the bathroom.

The actress narrated that she somehow managed to “sprint out” of the room, telling her agent on her way out to “watch” Coleman better.

Shannon regretted the time because she did not stand for herself.

“I wish I could have stood up for myself more,” she concluded.

For the uninitiated, Coleman died in 2010 at 42 after enduring several medical problems, including a seizure, transplants and lifelong kidney condition that stunted his growth to 4’8’’.

The publication reached out to Coleman’s representatives for the comment but no reply from their side at the moment.