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Pete Davidson 'doing his best' to tackle 'loaded' Kanye West: Jon Stewart

Pete Davidson is playing mature amid Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feud

By Web Desk
March 24, 2022
Pete Davidson doing his best to tackle loaded Kanye West: Jon Stewart
Pete Davidson 'doing his best' to tackle 'loaded' Kanye West: Jon Stewart

Pete Davidson is garnering praises from  comedian Jon Stewart amid Kanye West drama outbursts.

Speaking with Howard Stern in a recent interview, the 59-year-old confessed he was impressed by how the Saturday Night Live star is carefully handling Ye's fragility.

"I know Pete real well. He's just a kid trying to live his life. [He's] one of my favorite people," Stewart said on Tuesday's episode. "He's just a smart, funny, kid, trying to live his life."

Stewart added, "I think he's doing as best you can in that situation when you're dealing with something that's so explosive and loaded, with all kinds of other things. I just love that kid."

"He and I know each other from comedy, from going on the road," Stewart added. "Dave [Chappelle] and I were doing gigs in Boston and Houston, and Pete came out and performed. And him and [John] Mulaney worked near where I live in Jersey so I would go buy pizza from a place and we just go hang out and we just became friends from that."

"I always have a very paternal instinct on those guys because I've seen too many of my friends get in trouble and some of them die, and you don't [want that]," he noted. "It's a f—ed up business."

Stewart comments come after Pete's SNL costars, Bowen Yang and Chris Redd extended support for the comedian.

"We are supporting him by giving him space," Yang, 31, told Entertainment Tonight at the Critics Choice Awards. "I think he's just, you know, figuring it out, because I think a lot is out of his control, in terms of people's responses. I think he's just getting back to his comfort and I think that is the best thing he can do. We are all thinking about him, and we love him so much."

"When it comes to Ye, I'm always of the mind that I'll make fun," Redd, 36, explained on an episode of SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. "I was raised joking... but at the same time, there is a serious layer to that situation that I just won't make fun of. I'm not making fun of his mental health. You know, I have my mental health issues myself, so I'm very aware of those things."

"I think Pete's handling it well and you know, he's starting to talk again, and he is handling that well," he continued. "It's just better not to like put your friend in a weird situation by antagonizing a situation more than you need to."