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Paris Jackson talks harrowing boarding school experience

Paris Jackson reflected on staying at boarding school that left her with PTSD

By Web Desk
March 07, 2022

Paris Jackson surely  didn't have it easy as she dished on getting post traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) during her stay at a boarding school. 

During her conversation with LVR Magazine for cover story interview, the 23-year-old model criticised unprofessional boarding institutions.

“There are a lot of things at play in those schools. They can shut down and reopen under a different name to avoid lawsuits, and it depends on how state laws work,” she told the magazine.

“If a kid decides to call their parents and say, ‘Please get me out of here,’ that center will likely hang up the phone and call the parents back to say ‘Don’t listen to them, they are manipulating you, doing everything they can to get out of here,” Michael Jackson’s daughter added.

“Who are you going to listen to, a troubled teen or clinical professional?” she questioned the psychiatric schools’ vetting process.